Do you want to become a 6+ / Shortdeck expert? We are the #1 Community of Shortdeck players. We include a Team of the biggest online Crushers out there. Our Coaches are always available and are happy to answer any questions you might have, talk strategy and analyse hands in our Discord channel.

H2N 6+ HUD

Vol.3 Hand Charts Vol. 3 HAND CHARTS Isolation-raise vs limpers for All Positions
With 100-200 Ante Stacksize Scenarios
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50a First-in Hand Charts Vol. 1 50a HAND CHARTS First-in Starting Hand Chart for all positions
with 50 ante stacksize scenarios.
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Vol.2 Hand Charts Vol. 2 HAND CHARTS Facing Raise / ISO for All Positions
With 100-200 Ante Stacksize Scenarios
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Vol 1 First-in Hand Charts Vol. 1 HAND CHARTS First-in Starting Hand Chart for all positions
with 100-200 ante stacksize scenarios.
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In our discord study group we discuss hands, offer group coaching, share beats/brags stories or just hang out and enjoy the upsides of being part of a Poker Community. Our coaches are online everyday to review hands and make sure that there are no unanswered questions.

We encourage everyone that likes to talk about Shortdeck or Poker in general to join our group. Looking forward to seeing you as a part of our growing Six Plus Hold’em / Shortdeck Community.

Beginners Guide

In Six Plus Hold’em, also known as “Short Deck”, the amount of cards in the game is reduced and the hand ranking adjusted. The cards 2 to 5 are removed making it a 36-card deck, that leads to a whole new dynamic with more action guaranteed. Therefore the amount of starting hands in Six Plus Holdem is reduced to 630 possible starting hands, making it about 53% less than in Texas Hold’em.

New Hand Ranking

In Six Plus Hold’em, a Flush beats a Full House, because it is mathematically more difficult to hit, but still has to consist of 5 cards of the same suit. As in regular Hold’em an ace can play high or low and even connect with the 6, which is now the lowest card in the deck. On A-6-7-8-9 the ace is basically the 5, making you a low straight.

Open Hand Ranking

10 min Basic Introduction to Six Plus

What you need to know

The Rules of the Game are the same as in No-Limit Hold’em, but the hand ranking is slightly different. It’s played with ante’s instead of blinds, of which each player has to post one before the flop and the BTN post an additional ante. This and a few other factors make the game play bigger than the value of the ante compared to NLH stakes. In short – A high variance game that attracts action players!

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About us

In late summer 2018, when Six Plus Hold’em was still in its infancy, we realized it was a game with a lot of potential and decided to dedicate time to study and master the game. With the lack of strategy content and resources there were at the time we started creating some of our own. We developed our own equity simulator to get a deeper understanding of the game and at this point thought there must be many more players out there like us, who really love this game. We decided to create a website and community focused solely on 6+.


It has been our goal since the start, to be the premier website and community for everything 6+ related and offer our players great and trustworthy deals with the softest games.

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