$1.000 Giveaway on Natural8 -limited time-

For the next five weeks we will be giving a total of $1.000 to any players, who sign up on Natural8. Make sure it says ‘With sixplus‘ in the registration form.

Every week we will draw two lucky winners, who each receive $100 into their account. Promotion starts 31th of January and ends 6th of March. The winners will be drawn randomly every Friday evening.

$1.000 Giveaway on Natural8 -limited time- 1


To be eligible you need to have created an account under us, and also be at least Shrimp level in the Fish Buffet Rewards system. All it takes to reach Shrimp is to have paid $5 in rake. However, it resets each week so if you want to have the chance to win it twice or try your luck again, the same level has to be reached for that new week. Click here to read more about Fish Buffet Rewards.

Good luck everyone!

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