50a Volume 1 (First-in)

After offering the 50a SHC only as a promotion for our players on GGPoker, we have now decided to add it to our charts for sale. As many of you might know, the games on the GG Network are played as a 5-handed 50 ante min and 100a max buy-in, so it’s a must-have, if you are playing these games or like to learn the shortstack playing ranges.

These charts are a set of ranges with guidelines on how to play a hand first-in, meaning no players have entered the pot before you. It covers every position from UTG to CO, on which hands are profitable to Limp / Jam, Limp / Call, Open Jam, etc. It is meant to be used while playing 50a – 75antes deep. In the future, we will release more charts for 50 ante play to cover other situations, but having a proper first-in range is fundamental and about 25% of the hands you play is first-in.

Hand ex.:

In this chart QJs is a limp / call not all-in. This means we will call a normal sized raise, but fold to a shove.

This volume features:

  • 6 page guide with valuable strategy content (position play, limping, jamming ranges with hand examples, etc) as well as a thorough walk through on how to read the chart and understand the legend
  • Four hand chartsFIRST IN” (UTG, MP, HJ, CO)

After purchase you will be able to instantly download a PDF file which includes all charts + strategy. Use either PayPal WalletBTCVISA or Mastercard.

50a Starting Hand Charts Vol. 1

Starting Hand Charts Complete Bundle 

If you wish to pay with another payment method, please get in touch with us via email at: [email protected]. We also accept Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, GGPoker P2P or Crypto.

For any questions regarding this hand chart or interest in a deeper understanding in preflop and postflop play, feel free to join our discord study group @Shortdeck Bootcamp

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