Play Short Deck on Natural8 and get $600 Deposit Bonus

Natural8 is a poker skin of the GoodGame Network and is one of Asia’s most popular online gaming platforms and offers Short Deck (6+ Hold’em) since November 2019. The Short Deck games start from as low as $0.15 ante to high stakes action of $200 ante.

Sign up today to receive a 100% First Deposit Bonus of up to $600 and join the best poker network on the Asian market. You can take advantage of the bonus 60 days after your first deposit and with multiple deposits. E.g. your first deposit is $300, while later you deposit $300.

Natural 8 Promotions




Fish Buffet Rakeback

Up to 100% Cashback

First Deposit Bonus

100% up to $600

Elite Chase


Big Hand Jackpot

50% at NLH, 25% at PLO for a Royal Flush

Short Deck Flush Jackpot

10% of the Jackpot for a Flush or better

Daily Short Deck Leaderboard


Rush & Cash

$300,000 Monthly


What we offer on top of Natural8 Promotions

For a minimum deposit of $100 that you made on Natural8 under our affiliate, you can pick one out of all the starting hand charts that we have created and offer on our page for free. This includes our 50a first-in Hand Chart made exclusively for the Short Deck format on the GG Network.

After signing up through our sign-up link and depositing at least $100, simply contact us and state your screen-name and charts of choice. 

Flush Jackpot for Short Deck games

Hit the Flush Jackpot by making one of the jackpot hands (Flush, Four of a kind, Straight Flush, or a Royal Flush) while satisfying the following requirements.

  1. Commit at least 15 antes to the pot before making the jackpot hand.
  2. Use two hole cards to make the jackpot hand.
  3. Use a pocket pair to make a Four of a kind, jackpot hand.

Your hand doesn’t need to get to showdown to receive the Jackpot and even if you’re beat you’ll still qualify for it.

It is a progressive Jackpot and there are different payouts according to the stakes that you play.

TIP: If you get all-in with a flush-draw or a set choose to run it once, because you’ll not qualify for the Jackpot in hands where you run it more than once.

Already Have An Existing Account?

No problem at all, simply send an email with your registered account details on Natural 8 to [email protected] and let them know that you would like to be playing under the ‘sixplus’ affiliate and have them confirm it.

Sign-up and deposit bonus

Please visit this sign-up link and complete the registration. After you have successfully registered, please download the client here and you can make you first deposit and receive the 100% FTD Bonus of up to $600. There is no time limit for this bonus and no bonus code necessary.

When you sign up please make sure that you are tagged under us like seen in the screenshot above, or use ‘sixplus’ as bonus code (if applicable).

If you still have questions please contact us through our contact form or email: [email protected]

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