Beginners Video Bundle

We have created this bundle to help you get started with the most important topics to begin with as a beginner for a very fair price. 

In total you will get around 11½ hours of strategy content, split into 5 different topics: (for a more detailed description of each part, please click on the links below)

  1. Preflop: Road to 6+ Winning Player (total around 2hours) $39
    1. Part 1: Limping (30-40min)
    2. Part 2: Open raising/ Isolating (30-40min)
    3. Part 3: Facing a raise / 3-betting (30-40min)
  2. Postflop: Road to 6+ Winning Player Course (total around 2½ hours) $59
  3. NL100 Session Review on GGPoker (3 Part Series – total of 3.5 hours) $29
  4. Playing ISO Pots (1 hour video) $19
  5. Playing Out of Position (1 hour video) $19

Total Price of all videos: $165

All videos will be available for streaming after purchase.

With Bundle Discount: $99. Save $65!

Beginners Video Bundle

If you wish to pay with another payment method, please get in touch with us via email at: [email protected]. We also accept Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, GGPoker P2P or Crypto.

For any questions regarding these videos or interest in a deeper understanding in preflop and postflop play, feel free to join our discord study group @Shortdeck Bootcamp

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