Getting Started: Road to a 6+ Winning Player

Welcome! If you are just starting out in 6+ or consider giving it a try, this beginners course is exactly for you. We have created a Preflop Course: Road to a 6+ Winning Player that will guide you through all the essential preflop strategy that you will need in order to become a successful winning player in 6+. It includes many hand examples as well as our Volume 1 Preflop Chart to help you get started with your hand selection, which is the first thing you should be learning.

Below we share the first part of the preflop course, which is a free 20 minutes video that includes all the 6+ basics you need to get started. It focuses on the transition from NLHE and explains the main differences we have with 4 cards being removed from the deck. We touch bases of the variance that this great game brings us, as well as pre- and postflop guidelines.

If you like to make the most of our current offers with a full coverage of our strategy videos, we recommend having a look at our Beginners Video Bundle, which includes 5 topics with over 13 hours of content at a great discount.

We hope you enjoy our content and would be happy for you to be part of our steadily growing community of 6+ / Short Deck enthusiasts from beginners to full time pros. Feel free to join our discord community to discuss and learn from the more experienced players and coaches we got involved. ➜ Join Discord


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