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Here’s our full bundle of videos from the GTO Study Group that has been stopped for now, which we highly encourage you to check out if you haven’t done it yet. These videos were created for the subscribers of the study group and we would like to offer them to a wider audience that like to see how a GTO solve is being done with our private solver and everything you need to know in order to play unexploitable against other (good) regulars.

You can find a total of 13 videos (15 hours) which include several different solves and you should get a good idea on the concept of GTO after watching them. Each solve is a multi-way postflop spot and is thoroughly analysed by one or both of our GTO Coaches.

Buy them as a bundle with a discount of 30% or check out a single video for the smaller budget by adding the video of choice to the cart. Total price of all videos: $460, with bundle discount: $299 (Save $160)

GTO Video List:

GTO Video 1 – Two boards comparison on Axx 50a 3-way (56 minutes): 25$

Looking at boards such as A87 / A86 and A98 / A96 while comparing and discussing two boards and how one card changes the GTO approach of Hero. Which hands we are checking, check/calling or betting out when one card of the flop changes as well as looking at different runouts.

GTO Video 2 – JT9 two spades 50a 3-way (27 minutes): $20

Analysing a very common spot on the flop of J9T with two spades out. Which hands we should bet, which hands we should check and most importantly why we are choosing a specific action is being discussed in this video. It’s a three handed spot and different runouts are also being looked at in detail.

GTO Video 3 – Discussing MTT Spots (1h 12 minutes): $40

Going over multiple hands that were played in 6+ MTT’s, particularly a $210 Short Deck bounty. The different boards are AAK with A8, AK8 with KQ and a set of 9s on QT9. Each spot is thoroughly explained with the solver based outcomes and is definitely a valuable addition to the regular cash game analysis.

GTO Video 4 – Three boards MP vs HJ vs BTN (1h 15 minutes): $30

In this video 3 different flops are discussed, QJ7hh, T96cc and KT6hh and how we should approach these on 4 handed tables with 100 ante stack size.

GTO Video 5 – Straight Flush Draw Boards 100a MP vs HJ vs BTN (1hour): $30

In this video we continue covering MP vs HJ vs BTN 100A deep 4-way. This time we look at straight boards with a flush draw and find spots where people are overfolding and how we can exploit that.

GTO Video 6 – Real Money Games Spots on GG (45 minutes): 30$

In this video we take a look at some real money game spots on GGPoker with both coaches analyzing different hands such as JT on T76 or KT on JT9 to name a few.

GTO Video 7 – K76 rainbow board 3-way 100A deep and 4-way 50A deep (49 minutes): $30

In this video we compare K76 rainbow 3-way 100A deep and 4-way 50A deep, and then we take a look at a similar board of A96 rainbow.

GTO Video 8 – ISO pots on 4 different boards 100A (1h 31 minutes): $40

We look at Isolation pots on different boards, mainly paired boards such as TT7hh or JJ9 rainbow with 100 ante stacksize.

GTO Video 9 – ISO pots Part 2 (1h 8 minutes): $35

The two GTO coaches look at similar ISO pots on paired boards, 3 and 4 handed tables with 100 ante stacksize. Covered boards are 667, AA8 or QQ9 rainbow.

GTO Video 10 – ISO pots non-paired boards (1h 13 minutes): $35

And some more ISO pots, since it’s a very important aspect of Short Deck Strategy. This time, we are looking at non paired boards mostly 3 and 4-way. Covered boards are KJ7hh, AJT rainbow and JT9 rainbow, with all being 100 ante stack size.

GTO Video 11 – 4-way very dynamic postflop spots 50A (49 minutes): $30

Looking at very dynamic postflop spots in this video, each 50 ante deep mostly 4 handed and one heads-up hand. Some of the covered boards are K98hh, QT7dd and KJ8cc.

GTO Video 12 – 4-way GTO vs 3-way spots (1h 27 minutes): $40

In this video we look at 4way GTO spots and compare them to 3way spots with the same boards. The frequencies are compared on different run outs on boards like AQ7-8 rainbow, JT7-K rainbow or QT9ss.

GTO Video 13 – 3-way 100A + MTT hand ICM decision (1h 8 minutes): $35

In the last video of the GTO group we have discussed interesting 3-way boards such as KQJss or A98 rainbow with 100 ante stacksize as well as a special MTT hand of a deep run (4 left) with an ICM decision being analysed.


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