Poker HUD and tracking for 6+ Holdem / Short Deck Poker

If you’ve given Six Plus Hold’em a shot at e.g. PokerStars you might have noticed that your software for tracking like Hold’em Manager 2 or PokerTracker doesn’t support the new game properly. If so, it might be a good time to change to one of the next generation of HUD and poker tracking software.

Hand2Note is a state-of-the-art poker tracker and HUD that fully supports Six Plus Hold’em on PokerStars or the PokerMaster app, as well as regular NLH. Having the ability to play Six Plus with a HUD will give you an edge over your opponents, while being able to track all your hands and results for analysis. This is the first step in becoming great at this new game.

Positional HUD on PokerStars

Besides having a static HUD, you might be familiar with from HM2 and PokerTracker, Hand2Note offers a positional HUD that shows different stats for different players at the table depending on their positions, hero’s position, stack sizes, and many other criteria known at the beginning of a hand.

To learn about other features or get a free trial visit their website. The trial is without restrictions for 30 days, whereafter Hand2Note will work for free on limits up to NL25.

If you are ready to purchase a subscription you can use promo code H2N10GL for a 10% discount.

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