Liveplay Coaching Course

In this 6 hour 5 part series, we are coaching a lowstakes 10NL-25NL player whilst reviewing their play. This player has several common leaks and asks several common questions that a typical lowstakes player has. And I try to explain the entire thought process in a logical manner to fix such leaks. We also constantly pause the footage in order to do some relevant calculations in Oranges 6+, GTO+ or explain the preflop GTO charts in depth and cover more adjustments. This series will probably be the easiest to jump into if you are more of a beginner.

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*** Please note many videos do not have perfect audio quality ***

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Part 1Liveplay Coaching76 min
Part 2Liveplay Coaching99 min
Part 3Liveplay Coaching54 min
Part 4Liveplay Coaching51 min
Part 5Liveplay Coaching90 min