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Oranges 6plus calculator

oRanges 6plus Calculator is a specially adapted version of the oRanges Calculator for Six Plus Hold’em and one of the best tools out there, if you want to learn the essentials of the game through range calculation. It features e.g. in-depth range exploration, multi-way equity calculator, visualize opponents ranges and many more, which should help you improve your game tremendously.

Simple Poker

SimplePoker.com presents advanced programs for calculating, analyzing and understanding optimal strategies in poker. Each poker player, whether an amateur or a professional, will be able to choose a program for himself that will help him develop and improve his game strategy. Simple Poker has been developing poker software since 2012, during this time more than 48,000 players have used their products, including the strongest world-famous regular players.


Hand2Note.com is the new alternative tracking software to Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker. It’s one of the very few that offers tracking in Short Deck/Six Plus Hold’em as well as other niche games that are not supported by regular trackers.

For more info visit holdemranges.com/6plus

For more info visit simplepoker.com

For more info visit hand2note.com