• Volume 1 (First-in)
    Save $30
    5 Charts + Explanation
    3 Page Strategy Guide
    1 PDF File
  • Volume 2 (vs. Raise/ISO)
    Save $50
    9 Charts + Explanation
    4 Page Strategy Guide
    1 PDF File
  • Volume 3 (ISO vs. limps)
    Instant Download
    10 Charts + Explanation
    8 Page Strategy Guide
    1 PDF File
  • Volume 4 (Multiway All-In)
    Instant Download
    5 Charts + Explanation
    4 Page Strategy Guide
    1 PDF File
  • Hand Charts Bundle (Vol.1-4)
    Save $100
    29 Charts + Explanation
    19 Page Strategy Guide
    4 PDF Files
  • 50a Volume 1 (First-in)
    Instant Download
    4 Charts + Explanation
    6 Page Strategy Guide
    1 PDF File
  • 50a Volume 2 (ISO vs. Limps)
    Instant Download
    9 Charts + Explanation
    4 Page Strategy Guide
    1 PDF File
  • Ultimate 6+ Chart Bundle (ALL VOLUMES)
    100A-200A and 50-75a
    Save $145
    59 Charts + Explanation
    31 Page Strategy Guide
    8 PDF Files
  • GTO Heads-up Preflop Charts
    50a and 100a
    Instant Download
    17 Charts
    2 Page Strategy Guide
    2 PDF Files

What other Poker Players think of the Charts

The charts helped me make a good start in mastering 6+ Hold'em. Literally in 10k hands I mastered the preflop game at the proper level. Without them, I would surely have lost a lot of time and money understanding this on my own.
Thanks to these charts I've had a steady graph upwards. Well done guys!
Dr. EldoGermany
Volume 3 has helped me understand the game better. I'm more confident in my preflop selection, when to isolate limpers and which hands I would call shoves with. A great investment for sure.
I worked a lot with the Starting Hand Chart Vol.2 (vs. Raise/ISO) and it helped me get a better understanding of Multiway-Pots + Multiway-All-Ins when playing deepstacked. I also used it to 'fine-tune' my adjustments in 3-Bet and Calling Ranges.
All in all VOL.1 and VOL.2 (100-200A), made me have a better insight and connection to the game and get my understanding deeper into it.
The 50a charts helped me smoothly transition from 100a to 50a Short Deck Poker.
I recommend them to anyone who wants to jump into these games as they will give you a good foundation for a winning strategy.
Income InequalityPoland
The First-in 50 ante Starting Hand Chart gave me a better understanding of how I should be adjusting my pre-flop ranges in 5-max games. Definitely recommended for beginners and players who are trying to improve.
Charts are great and they really do help. Playing postflop without good preflop plan is like jumping without parachute, you can do it but only once lol 😀
Well seriously I do advise them to everyone who wants to improve their game. Investment will return soon 🙂
The starting hands charts allow to understand ranges clearly and allows you to develop both preflop and postflop decision making. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their 6+ game
Sam 'Rarity' RarityUK
The starting hand charts provide you with an excellent foundation for building a winning strategy. I now feel much more comfortable preflop and can recognize profitable scenarios thanks to these charts. I highly recommend them