Playing ISO Pots

In this video our Coach Karlis breaks down the key fundamentals on playing ISO pots, both in and out of position. It’s 1 hour long and features different topics that are important, when we decide to isolate limpers and more importantly how we approach the situations on different flops and runouts.

Knowing how and when to ISO is one of the most important aspects in the game of 6+, so improving on this is mandatory if you want to get a good winrate.

We have picked plenty of hand examples including equity calculations to make it easier for you to understand how we should approach different scenarios with different hands. This video will be helpful for beginners but also experienced players alike, as we dig a little deeper into the spots.

Topics covered in this video:

  • When to isolate non-allin?
  • Hand selection for NONai ISO’s
  • Hitting the flop as the preflop aggressor (with hand examples)
  • Missing the flop as the aggressor (with hand examples)
  • Range example with calculations in Oranges
  • Going through the thought process OTF in ISO pots
  • Difference between playing regulars vs recreational players
  • Equity calculations on different board textures

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Playing ISO Pots

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