Playing Out of Position

In this video Coach Karlis explains the most important aspects when playing out of position in 6+, which is very different compared to NLHE with many other factors that we need to consider. We will break it down in ISO and Single Raised Pots, including many hand examples so you will feel much more confident in playing OOP and maximize your winrate, because these scenarios happen very often and it’s crucial that you know how to approach these spots.

This video is primarily focused on analysis of post flop play. If you are a beginner you will get the most out of this video if you already have some understanding of preflop raising and isolating ranges.

Topics covered in this video:

  • When to raise preflop (w/ hand examples)
  • Playing raised flops postflop (w/ hand examples and equity calculation)
  • Preflop ISO calling ranges
  • Postflop play in ISO pots (w/ hand examples and equity calculation)

The video is 1h long and you will be able to stream it in our library under  ➜ my videos after purchase

ISO & Raised Pots OOP

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