Preflop: Road to 6+ Winning Player

Our three part Beginners Preflop Course was designed to help newcomers as well as semi-experienced players to learn more about the most essential strategy and help them shape the way to a successful winning player. Each part is around 30-40 minutes and we have included our Starting Hand Chart Vol. 1 as a free PDF file. In addition, you will find a tutorial on how to work with the chart in the video course under Part 1.

The course features all aspects of preflop play:

Part 1: Watch Preview

  • Limping (and limp raising preflop) 
    • Working with charts (First-in Vol1 is included)
    • What hands and why do we limp?
    • Limp Raising
    • Limp Calling ISO
    • Summary

Part 2: Watch Preview

  • Open Raising / Isolating 

Part 3: Watch Preview

  • Facing a raise 
    • Calling a raise (IP)
      • Calling all-ins
    • 3-betting (all-in)
  • Playing against short stacks – Beginner guidelines
  • Playing deep stack play – Beginner guidelines

For each part and topic we have picked a few hands to illustrate different scenarios and how to apply the knowledge to the table.

After purchase, you can stream the videos in your library under ➜ my videos.

Before watching, we recommend that you go watch Part 1: Getting Started for free

Preflop: Road to a 6+ Winning Player
+ Starting Hands Charts Vol. 1 (100a)

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For any questions regarding this video or interest in a deeper understanding in preflop and postflop play, feel free to join our discord study group @Shortdeck Bootcamp

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