Procrastination and self sabotage

Those are the most common obstacles I hear from mid-high stakes poker players.

They know what to do, and how to do it.

But they still don’t do it.

Why’s that?

It’s simple.

Their subconscious autopilot is programmed in a way that’s holding them back. 


We are creatures of habit.

When we make the same decisions over and over it becomes a subconscious pattern. 

Those subconscious patterns control everything we do, without us realising it.

Now we are programmed to repeat the same patterns on autopilot.

But how is this autopilot created?


Much of our subconscious autopilot has been programmed during our childhood.

We are highly susceptible in our younger years.

We don’t have much critical thinking.

We experience events and make meaning of them. 

Our mind and body saves automatic responses (pain or pleasure) to avoid or seek more of the same in the future.

We also form many of our beliefs in our childhood. 

For instance…

I am lazy. I don’t like to study. I am not intelligent. I don’t deserve to be wealthy. I am a quitter. I have to create extraordinary results to be loved. If I fail, then I am not good enough.

These beliefs create our self-image. 

And self image is one of the most underrated performance hacks.

Because people rarely rise above their opinion of themselves. 


So why do we procrastinate and self sabotage?

Because of our subconscious autopilot that’s controlling 95 % of what we do without us being aware.

And if your autopilot is programmed to avoid failure, to avoid pain at all cost, and to seek short term pleasure – then procrastination and self sabotage is certain.

Your subconscious autopilot will always steer you back to the old patterns.

That’s why more skills are rarely the solution.

You can point your conscious, goal-driven, mind in whatever direction you want.

But 95 % of the time, you are not doing that.

As soon as your willpower drifts off, your subconscious starts to take over.

Hello, procrastination. Hello self sabotage.


Here’s an example:

A client wants to study more.

A normal coach would teach him time management skills. 

Teach him how to structure his day and create time slots for study.

That can definitely work.

But so often time management skills are not the best solution.

Working with the deeper root cause is the best solution.

It could be fear of structure. 

It could be a subconscious belief that “I am not good at studying”. 

When we start to address our subconscious patterns, and reprogram ourselves consciously, that’s when we learn the most amazing capability. 

Self mastery.

Before you spend money on GTO, time-management strategies, and other “hard skills”…

Work on yourself.

Self mastery is THE most important skill for mid-high stakes poker players.

When we have self mastery we become the best version of ourselves. 

And then we start to create amazing results + feel way better about everything.

I made a quick guide on how to deal with your subconscious autopilot so you can avoid procrastination and self sabotage + create more self mastery.

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