Mobile Poker Applications Review

Playing on private clubs via apps has been a new trend for the past couple years. No wonder, sites like Pokerstars offer less and less for their loyal grinders, so why should we not play on our “own network”. Chances are you have heard of PokerMaster, PPPoker or similar. More or less, it all works the same. However, there is a couple of things you should know before you get started. We have put together a detailed guide on how these apps work, read more in this article: Why are Poker Apps so popular?


The traffic on these apps is very good, considering that you can join different clubs and there is usually always a game running on one or the other. We offer plenty of options for any game, whether it’s PLO, NLH, OFC Pineapple, Short Deck or 5 or 6-Card PLO. While the action for Short Deck is still moderate, it’s definitely increasing and when the games run, they are usually very soft.


Most clubs do have rakeback for their players, but it’s very dependent on the club and how much the owner is giving away to the agent. Some clubs with very soft games don’t offer rakeback at all, but that’s not the norm. If a club offers less rakeback, it might be worth checking it out because you can expect less RB grinders and more recreational players. You will find all the rakeback numbers and other details in the ‘Sign Up’ sheet.


Software And Trackers Support

Since we offer a few apps, there are minor differences in each of them. While you can find the very own app HUD as a in-app purchase, it’s also possible to have a 3rd party tracker such as Hand2Note, which is one of the better options. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can use our promo code upon registering on Hand2Note. Promo code: H2N10JKPS gives 10% discount for the first subscription purchase with H2N.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Most of the common payment methods such as BTC, Skrill, Neteller, Stars P2P, GG P2P or PayPal are accepted and can be used with us. Processing time of withdrawals is within 24h. Please get in touch for further questions, either through our email [email protected] or send us a message on our discord server @Shortdeck Bootcamp.