Play Short Deck / 6+ on GG Network with up to 60% Rakeback

Ever since Short Deck poker has been offered online, there hasn’t been many options besides Poker Stars and Party Poker. Some private clubs on Asian poker apps have offered Short Deck, but it isn’t really accessible for the average player.

GG network has launched Short Deck / Six Plus Hold’em and there’s been great action from the get-go. GGPoker, the flagship skin of the network, checks all the boxes for a great Short Deck poker room with a vast variety of benefits for poker players.

Welcome Bonus

If you are a fan of welcome bonuses, GGP offers you two choices of either: Deposit $20 and Get $50 FREE PLAY OR Matched Deposit UP TO $600. 

What does GGPoker offer


RakebackUp to 60%
Daily PLO-5 20k Leaderboard$20,000 daily
Rush & Cash daily Leaderboard$25,000 daily
Bad Beat JackpotNLHE, PLO, PLO5, Short Deck
10 MILLION March GiveawayVarious Promotions with a total of 10M
Daily Short Deck Leaderboard$5,000 daily


These are the current promotions that GGPoker offers, but you can expect a lot more in the future.

Short Deck Rake Structure

Bad Beat Jackpot

The former Flush Jackpot promotion was recently removed and is now a BBJ, the classic one that you might know from other sites. It runs on all game types, such as NLHE (Rush & Cash), PLO5, PLO (Rush & Cash) and on Short Deck.

To hit the jackpot you need to loose with quad 6s (6666) or better + the hand has to go to showdown while both cards are being used. So this means you must hold a pocket pair and loose to higher quads or straight flush/royal flush.

The one loosing the pot receives 10% of the Jackpot, while the won winning the pot gets 3% and all remaining players on the table received a share of 0.8% of the jackpot. For example this is round 5-6 buy ins if you just sit on the table, while the winner of the pot (mostly royal or straight flush) gets around 20 buy ins and the loser (usually quads) has a whooping jackpot of 50-60 buy ins. Those numbers were taken from an average jackpot and can vary, depending on how frequently it gets cracked.

GG Network Rakeback System

What is Fish Buffet?

About a year ago GGpoker and all skins of GG Network announced a Fish Buffet structure giving up to 60% average cashback.

Every player automatically gets Fish Buffet Rewards. You’ll get 1 Fish Buffet Point (FP) for every $0.01 you generate in rake through your play at the tables. When you hit the required amount of FP’s in the time limit, you’ll unlock that level. You’ll get a chance at spinning the wheel, which boasts different rewards at each level. There are 25 levels in total to unlock across the tiers. Each level has different time and FP (Fish Buffet Points) requirements. The rewards keep going up with each higher level.

You may also click this link Fish Buffet for a full overview of GG’s rakeback system.

How to sign up and deposit?

First you have to download the client here: Download GGPoker Client

Once you have successfully installed the client, you will have to enter your details and use our BONUS CODE: sixplus on the sign-up page.

After this you can make your first deposit and start playing.


If you still have questions please contact us through our contact form or email: [email protected]

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