Hand Charts Bundle (Vol.1-4)

This is the ultimate bundle for 100a-200a play on 5-6handed tables with all four of our published volumes. The volume 1 (first-in), our volume 2 (vs. raise/iso), volume 3 (ISO-raise vs. limps) and volume 4 (multiway all-in).

You can find more info on the charts article of each volume, but let’s quickly summarize what is included in each PDF:

Volume 1

  • First-in ranges for five positions (UTG/UTG+1, MP, HJ, CO)
  • A three page guide with valuable strategy content and chart explanations like (balanced ranges, table dynamics, positional play)

Volume 2

  • Five hand charts for VS OPEN RAISE” (UTG+1 vs OPEN, MP vs OPEN, HJ vs OPEN, CO vs OPEN, BTN vs OPEN)
  • Four hand charts of VS ISO RAISE” (MP vs ISO, HJ vs ISO, CO vs ISO, BTN vs ISO)
  • Four page guide with valuable strategy content and chart explanations like multi-way all-ins, hand playability, hand examples and a thorough walk through on how to read the chart and understand the legend

Volume 3

  • 10 hand charts for “Isolation raising vs. limps (MP vs 2 limpers, HJ vs 1, HJ vs 2, HJ vs. 3, CO vs 1, CO vs 2, CO vs. 3, BTN vs 1, BTN vs 2, BTN vs 3 or more limpers.)
  • Equity table with hand examples on which hands to call when our opponents limp/shove vs your ISO-raise and how we perform with certain hands.
  • 8 pages of valuable strategy content including oRanges calculator analysis with limp-shoving ranges 150a deep and 200a deep examples, chart legend explanations and more

Volume 4

  • Four hand charts for 3-way all-ins” & two villains range per chart (vs standard shoving range, vs wide shoving range, vs tight shoving range of both villain 1 and 2 and vs tight shoving and standard overcalling range)
  • One hand chart of 4-way all-ins” & three villains range (vs standard ranges of all 3 villain)
  • Four page guide with valuable strategy content, chart explanation and hand examples

After purchase you will be able to instantly download a PDF file which includes all charts + strategy. Use either PayPal Wallet, BTC, VISA or Mastercard.

Starting Hand Charts Bundle (Vol. 1 +  2 + 3 + 4)

If you wish to pay with another payment method, please get in touch with us via email at: [email protected]. We also accept Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, GGPoker P2P or Crypto.

For any questions regarding this hand chart or interest in a deeper understanding in preflop and postflop play, feel free to join our discord study group @Shortdeck Bootcamp

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