The True Power of Mindset

Does the way we think about anything happening in our life determine how we respond to it?


We can even create physical changes in our body through our mind and literally think ourselves younger. 

Let me share a couple of mind blowing results showing how our mindset shapes our reality.


Example #1: The Placebo effect

The placebo effect is probably one of the best examples proving how powerful our minds really are. 

The fact that your brain can convince your body that a fake treatment is real and thus stimulate healing is exactly what the placebo effect is.

You believe that a procedure will work, and only because of your belief it works.


Example #2: Can the way we think about stress change our physical and mental reality?

Dr Alia Crum made a study with a group of 300 employees that had stress in their work life. 

Crum wanted to see if she could change their mindset about stress and by doing so create both physical and psychological changes in their work lives.

She divided the employees into two groups.

One group saw a video with the perspective that stress is debilitating. 

It shared perspectives on how harmful stress is for the body and mind, and how it decreases performance and well being.

The other group saw a video clip with the perspective that stress is enhancing. 

It shared perspectives on how we can grow through stress, how we can get more energy and increase our performance.

Both groups were shown facts, but the facts were orientated towards one view or the other.

The results?

The second group who watched the video with a positive perspective on stress reported fewer negative health symptoms over the next few weeks.

They also reported less muscle tension, less insomnia, and higher levels of engagement and performance at work compared to the group who watched the first video clip before work.


Example #3: Can we think ourselves younger?

In 1979 the Harvard psychologist Allan Langer recruited two groups of elderly men to live for a week in a monastery in New Hampshire to take part in a study on the power of belief and its effect on aging.

The first group were told to live as if the clock turned back 20 years overnight. They were to live as a younger version of themselves.

They were encouraged to discuss events from their younger days. 

All mirrors were removed, and replaced with photos of them being younger, so this is what they saw every day in the monastery.

The second group were told to remain in the present time period, but were told to reminisce about the past.

The study only lasted one week, but the changes were astounding.

Both groups showed improvements both physical, mental, and emotional, however the changes were most profound from those who were in group one; the ones who had embodied their younger selves.

All of the men were more flexible. 

63 % of them demonstrated higher intelligence scores after just one week.

All of the men in the first group noted improvements in all 5 senses –  from an ability to taste better to better sight, hearing, etc. 

They had literally thought themselves younger. 

I am sharing these studies to show the incredible power of our thoughts. 

Mindset manipulation can counteract presumed physiological limits. 

How crazy is this?

What’s the takeaway?

Realize that you have a supercomputer between your ears that you are probably not utilizing to its fullest.

If you agree with the statement that your mind and thoughts create your reality, then why are you not taking it seriously?

I want you to become conscious about the way you think.

How is your mindset on loss and variance? 

How is your mindset on poker and your ability to make good decisions, have a sharp focus and make a lot of money?

How is your mindset on work life balance?

How is your mindset on study?

How is your mindset on general obstacles?

How is your mindset on your own abilities? 

These are crucial questions to become aware about.

Because you can literally change your reality by shifting your perspective.


So my question to you is:

Who’s coaching you in 2023 to help you take advantage of your mind to create a new, better reality for yourself? Join our Discord Channel and reach out to our Mindset Coach Peter Rasmussen. 

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